Tuesday, February 16, 2010

You wanna a piece of me?

Did you ever have one of those days (weeks) when everyone needs a piece of you? Yesterday was my day! My nephew's Bar Mitzvah was this past weekend, so we had a ton of family in from out of town, at one of the events my son's cell phone quit working and he NEEDED a new one ASAP. (He'll be 16 next month.) So with all of the family coming and going, parties, services, and all that comes with major events, my son is fixated on getting a new phone. (Who knows how many hotties have texted him! He NEEDS it now!) Sooooo I'm trying to get the phone situation worked out, my husband is buried up to his eyes at work, my Mother In Law is staying with us................you know the drill. Everyone needed a piece of me, so the dog was feeling a little neglected in all of this chaos, walked by me very casually, and BIT ME on the muffin top. Anyone else need a piece of me?



  1. yes, Dee I would like a piece of you for a girls day out, say...lunch and a movie!!
    Miss you.
    Lisa K

  2. i would like to thank you for posting in your craziness. please know that i only want you to post if YOU want to. i dont need you to post, but i am always happy when you do.
    (im trying to not want/need you)
    i do love your stories (wtfreak is up with the dog?)! thanks for sharing!

  3. Lisa,
    I love it when one of the stars of my blog asks me to lunch! You can have All of Me!
    Naughty Casey! She was in big trouble. (Me too, I need to cut back on the sweets so she doesn't have a muffin top to nibble on!!)

  4. ROTFLMAO about the dog. Poor thing. ;)

  5. That is why I'm glad I'm tall and have a short dog. ;) I would love a piece of you! Miss you!