Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Simple Pleasures...

Ahhhh, I am feeling much better. I spent some time with my therapist, her name is Rowenta and she is pictured above. Some people yell at the kids, kick the dog, snarl to people on the phone. I iron.....everything.... Now I know this sounds sick to many of you but I know at least two readers who share my passion for the Rowenta and it's healing powers! (Hi Lisa K. and Mary!) This is NOT to be confused with Lisa R. who does not share my passion for the iron.
Now if you love to iron you have to get the Rowenta, it is a little pricey, but use the 20% off coupon to Bed Bath and Beyond that you have shoved in the glove compartment. While you're there search for this cleaner. It is magic! Don't ask me how I gunked up my iron, but this stuff took it right off!
My shirts are pressed and I am sooo much better now.
A few years ago one of my son's little friends was over and said, "You do some things in this house that we don't do in mine...." I was hesitant because we have Jewish customs and he has Christian customs, and I thought that it was going to be some uncomfortable religious discussion, so I said, "What things?" and he made an "ironing" motion and said, "You know that thing you do!"
Ohhhhh ironing!

Ironing is my simple pleasure!
(I don't want to hear "Simple Mind, Simple Pleasure". Just because I'm going through a "simple mind" phase doesn't mean it will last forever!)



  1. It is nice to get rid of all those wrinkles!

  2. I like you post. I think it's having the time to iron that's important. It always seems to be somewhere way down on the list. AAAA, I can hear the sizzle now.

  3. Dee I know what you mean about ironing. I have to admit that I don't iron much these days...but I used to love to iron! it was theraputic or something...I just felt like I was really smoothing out my life when I ironed! And the finished product was so neat!

    I started following both of your blogs today. I am not sure how I got here but I liked what I saw. (:>)

    Sorry about your car accident..glad you are doing better. Loved your Goodwill blog. I used to do alot of that too but when yo are almost sixty you don't need too many things. 3 years ago we built a new house and got rid of tons of "stuff"...but every once in awhile I go to thrift shops just for old times sake. In fact we just got a new Goodwill in our town.

    Nice to meet you. I'm Christian and I enjoyed making a Jewish friend today! (:>)

    Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

  4. HAHAHA what a funny comment - kids are great :D

  5. Dee,

    I am able to iron again after my rotator cuff surgery! I was so happy yesterday. I washed, I iron and watched a movie and the Law and Order marathon!!! Ironing is better than taking Zoloft, especially for those of us who have OCD!

    Lisa K

  6. That's hysterical! Me? Not so much. I tend to avoid 100% cotton clothing simply because I despise it THAT much.

    Last spring I had to break down and press an outfit for an event, so I proceeded to pull the ironing board from the back of my closet. Our son was walking through and got very excited, and wanted to know when I'd gotten a surfboard. Um, yeah...