Thursday, February 25, 2010

Enjoying the Small Things

You know how God whispers in your ear sometimes? He tells you that you are sleeping and it's time to wake up. This morning I came across this blog and it woke me right up.
My younger son was born almost 6 weeks prematurely, and when they took him away to the NICU he seemed to be gone for a long time. The NICU specialist came back to talk to my husband and I and as he was talking I only remember hearing a few words, syndrome, physical markers, genetic defects......I was putting puzzle pieces together in my head, not liking what was coming together. I remember glancing at my husband who was listening, but wasn't hearing what I was hearing. I knew what the doctor was trying to say in a round-about way, but I knew my husband's puzzle was FAR BEHIND mine. I cautiously said, "You're not talking about Down's Syndrome are you?" He shook his head yes.
I walked straight back to the bed hoping that this was a pregnancy induced nightmare. I couldn't look my husband in the eye, it was too painful, I couldn't make happy phone calls, because I couldn't speak the words.
As the day wore on we made some phone calls to family members to try and make this go away.....and little by little we heard things that eased our minds. Our son was born with 4 out of the 5 physical markers for Down Syndrome, but he was one in a million? billion? that didn't have actually have it.
I felt so relieved, and so thankful, but you know how life creeps back in, there are diapers to be changed, homework to check, and life is just life.
After reading this blog, that was sent to me today, God whispered "wake up". And I listened.