Thursday, February 4, 2010

Eddie Murphy McDonalds

Pretend like you see the pictures of the beautiful dinner that I made. My younger son said, stop taking pictures of it, we want to eat it! (The card wasn't in the camera!! So no pictures were actually taken.
AAAArrrgh! Why didn't the camera tell me... dang it!)

Do you remember the Eddie Murphy Delirious Concert when he talked about wanting a McDonald's hamburger and his mom says, "you don't need no McDonald's we got meat at home." Then she proceedes to make him a hamburger with giant chunks of green pepper on Wonder Bread? I laughed so hard back in the day, because all of our mothers pulled that.
Guess what?

I'm Eddie Murphy's mother now.

Tonight the boys wanted Chili's. Well the older one will want the queso appetizer, a giant bacon-cheese burger, fries, and the molten lava cake for dessert. Now that would require me to tell him to reel it in, he can't order for twelve people..etc..the younger one will want the Mac n' Cheese for $6.95 that is the same garbage that comes out of the box. No Thanks!
So I tell them that instead of going out I'll make "Chicken Nachos...Hooray!" I'm trying to really sell it! They rolled their eyes and chicken nachos it was!
You know, whole grain chips, organic chicken, home made salsa, avocado, greek yogurt (they think it's sour cream)...the works!
They were less than impressed. Even though I threw in the whole-wheat flour tortilla chips with cinnamon sugar for dessert. They were great...I ate most of them.
Just call me Mrs. Murphy

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