Tuesday, August 31, 2010

How to Thrift Part 2

There are a lot of jeans here so you really have to look, I like darker wash so I don't waste my time looking through each pair of 1980's acid wash with the worlds highest waist. Look for "rise" the size of the zipper gives it away. A 8 inch zipper is trouble. Two words: Mom Jeans. Run for your life!
You have to develop your "thrift vision" or you will be lost here.

Since we live in Colorado you can find a ton of ski wear, outdoor gear, warm parkas, and jackets. Many of them have the tags still on them. But you have to think "thrifty" you might find them in the summer, so look "out of season".
What the heck is wrong with this camera.....This is a Banana Republic sweater. But it was an "XS" don't buy it just because it is a good deal.

No one wants to be choked by a sweater all season!

Nope, still blurry, you get the point.

Banana Republic suit size 2. It could have come in with the sweater above that is an XS.

Which leads me to my next point. If you find one thing in your size from Banana Republic for example look for more. Rarely does anyone take the time to donate from your wardrobe one piece at a time. If you see something that you like in your size look for more from that donation. You never know

This says Halloween Costume to me. But someone could come in and say Perfect for Fall! There is something for everyone, and A Lot of things that won't be to your liking. Keep trying. I find amazing things because I enjoy the hunt!

1. People who donate from their wardrobe DON'T do it a piece at a time. If you see one thing that you like keep looking you will probably stumble across many more from the same donation. I have never seen a person drive up and hand over a shirt or a pair of jeans. But I have seen giant stacks of clothing on hangers. (When I see a huge section of men's shirts and suits all with tags or in the same size, I think someone has gotten himself in trouble. (I may or may not know someone who took her husbands entire side of the closet to the G-Dub) His loss your gain. (REALLY good stuff!!) There may have been some golf clubs in that donation as well.

2. Buy out of season, or if you have children buy the next size up.

3. Go with names you trust. Levi's, Gap, Old Navy......(especially for boys).

Banana Republic, White House Black Market, Lucky.....You just have to look.

Good Luck and go today!


Monday, August 30, 2010

How to Thrift Part 1

A beautiful day for thrifting!

Very empty parking lot. Wait what time is it again?

Get there early. You know that I have this crazy time issue so basically I just look at the small hand and then guess. Maybe that is why the parking lot is empty. I wanted to get there early but maybe not this early. Oh well.

50% off day.....

Don't worry I brought coffee...In my favorite cup.

Hey Lady! You don't just pull up and get our of your car and go stand in the front of the line. Do you see us waiting here?

Seriously some people have no G-Dub manners!

Dang it! Coffee on my shirt already?! Good thing I'm at the G-Dub!

(Clearly that lady's fault)

These things work great, keep some in your glove box.

On to shopping....

The Must Have Gladiator Sandal.....I don't care what the stores are telling you, it is not Fall in most parts of the country. We still have a few months of warm weather. Pick them up and then re-donate when the snow starts to fall.

The Fall Clog....a wardrobe MUST this season!

(picked these up for a half-off song!)

OK I live in Colorado, and I grew up in cowboy country so really who could resist these turquoise boots! Not my size but I could sell them on ebay. I need to think about it BUT put it in your cart while you think!!

I sell some things on ebay, but I know that athletic equipment sells well. These golf shoes are Foot Joy and they were in great shape! The magic eraser will get the scuffs on in a blink!

What is this little number? My friend Ellen was looking for a small bar height table, oh and the chair came with it! I put that little thing in the back of my car to be delivered. It was less that $8.00. I'm not joking. Half off day is the way to go!!

Holy Moly! Each one of these side tables were $3.50. I have no where to put them, and I was afraid to put them in the garage. My husband does not like the Sanford and Son look. These were hard to leave behind. With a little white paint they would be great for a little girls room. All for the price of a latte apiece!

YIKES......keep walking......don't turn around!

just keep moving, why would anyone buy this? Everyone knows these things come to life and run down the street at night!

Crazy nightmare inducing horribleness.

Jacuzzi Tub. Nuff said.


1. Go early!

2. Don't buy things that you think will fit someday, or it is such a bargain that you can't pass it up. If you are just going to re-donate it in 6 months it isn't a bargain after all.

3. You have to leave your retail shopping ideas behind. Thrift stores have off season merchandise as well as timely merchandise. Buy for next season when you see great pieces.

4. Ask about the return policy. My G-dub has a 10 day return policy. You have to return it to the location from where it was purchased.

5. If you wait it will be gone. If you need to think about something put it in your cart. If you don't someone else will pick it up. You don't need to buy it, but thrift stores are one-of-a-kind places. They don't "re-stock". Once it is gone it is gone. That's what makes it fun!!

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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Vay-Kay Pix

No I didn't take this picture, but we stayed at the historic Hotel Colorado, it was built in 1893. It is haunted by a little girl, but we didn't see her during our stay. Thank goodness for that because I would have been sleeping in the car.
I don't like ghosts.
The Glenwood Springs Pool in the background. Guess what? You can smell the hot springs when you pull into town. It is a natural sulfur springs so it smells a little bit like rotten eggs. You get used to it pretty quickly, but I wondered if we were stinky too? I couldn't tell since we were used to it!The spa behind us was built in 1893, it is amazing.
The architecture is so beautiful.
(Me and my high school freshman. What? High School?)
What up with my weird jacket pulling situation? We had a GREAT time! I would love to take Amtrak next time, I hear it is a beautiful ride. We had a lovely back to school last chance blast!


Monday, August 23, 2010

Prayers are answered sort of.......

I know that my mom prayed for me to have a baby girl. (For Pay-Backs I'm certain)
Well remember the Sip and See that I had for the sweet baby next door? I get to watch her during the day for the next week or so. I am having sooo much fun!! My 14year old came home from school and said, "mom don't get too attached, you know you have to give her back." He was completely serious! So if I'm absent for a few days, you'll know why!

Thrifty Back to School Edition!

Let me say that I have the sweetest reader named Ann who emailed me to tell me of a little thrift store that she likes to go to. Not only did she give me the greatest find ever, she included directions and everything!! So we were going on a little "back to school on Monday" trip to Glenwood Springs Colorado, and my sweet, lovable husband said, "Sure, we can stop off there!" (What?!) Score!!!
She read of the ever-elusive Dale of Norway sweaters that I collect, but have been yet to find at my local G-Dub. Don't worry I haven't given up yet.

So, here we are leaving the world's best thrift store. Oh did I mention it is located halfway between Vail and Aspen? Yesssssss! OMG did I hit the mother load. Yes I say that every week.

Not Dale of Norway, but a vintage Meister ski sweater from the 1960's or 1970's I would say. Yeah! I live and ski (well no more following the accident) in Colorado, this is perfect! Weeeee! So that is what I got for myself. I also picked up a Lily Pulitzer blazer, and a Burberry long sleeved polo shirt with the Nova Check collar.
My husband found an Armani Suit but not in his size, dang!

A few Juicy items for my niece. (her favorite brand)

Wait.....here is where it gets GOOOOD!

Um Wait....Does that say Rock and Republic?

Are they tiny like my niece?

Why yes they are!!!!!!! They were $25.00 but I couldn't pass them up!
My son did not appreciate the jumping for joy, he is 14 going on 44.

Nor does he appreciate my love for the Thrifty Shoppe.

But seriously who asked him?

Okay on to our regularly scheduled appointment with the Parker G-Dub. I have cognitive therapy right down the street. I work on my brain then I go reward myself with a little look-see.

Goodwill Juicy-ness..... hoody ($3.99)
Goodwill Juicy Capris ($3.99)

I shoved all of the Juicy Deliciousness into a box for my niece! I had to call and tell her about the jeans because I couldn't wait for her to see them!!!!!

That was a fun vacation. More Pix tomorrow!

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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Who What Where When Why

There is a little party game/improv game that requires two people to have a conversation entirely in question form until one person messes up. My adorable husband could go for 3 hours no problem whatsoever.

My dear sweet adorable husband is a question asker; he likes to wake up, open his eyes, and start asking questions to anyone around him. 6,954 questions. This is for you sweetheart.

Do you have the (fill in the blank), where is the (f i t b), who left the (" ") out? Why is the " "...........,, ayeyiyi.......

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Just call them Corn Nuts...

I made my husband some "Corn Nuts" to snack on. I may have mentioned before that my husband likes to go on the South Beach Diet, but that he didn't get through the book so I'm in charge of packing his lunch and dinner. yay. I read all three books and have never actually done the diet myself, but I am an expert at this point.
Did I mention he is a picky eater, and doesn't like to be "tricked" into eating things that he deems disgusting. hmmmm..... so I have to tell little stories to get him to try things.......oh did you think I was talking about my children? noooo this one is the worst child I have! So take some chick peas......

rinse them until the foam is gone...don't ask me what the foam is just do it.

Okay now that they are rinsed well, throw them on a kitchen towel and let them dry for about 5 or 10 minutes. Take this time to spray paint something.

Toss them with a little Olive Oil. Just glug some in there. Don't get so perfect.

I made my own Ranch Dressing Mix, because the envelope kind makes me a little nervous. I buy the large size of spices and make a huge batch. I like to make Ranch Dressing with buttermilk and Organic Greek Yogurt then put it back in the Hidden Valley Squeeze Bottle, and no one is the wiser.
I used equal parts of the spices shown above. I could type them out for you but I'm too lazy at the moment, AND you can use what you like, these are just guidelines, NOT rules.
Spin them up in your spice grinder. Which is really a coffee grinder that you only use for spices, go ahead and get one, I use mine all of the time.

Sprinkle the Chick Peas liberally and toss them onto a foil covered sheet pan.

Roast them on the oven at 350 for 45 minutes to an hour, they need to be crunchy and hollow sounding. One minute before and Ickkk! pasty yucky not good. Go for brown and crunchy! They sound kind of rattly-hollow-ish you know? Good.
Now serve up your "Ranch Flavored Corn Nuts" they are delicious.

I used equal parts:
Onion Powder
Garlic Powder
Parsley Flakes
Celery Flakes
Ground Mustard
A little less of:
Montreal Steak Seasoning-Yum!
Black Pepper
True Lemon--You can use lemon zest here, it really makes it taste like Ranch so try this part for sure.