Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Caitlin Cookies

Girl Scout Cookies are delicious, especially the Lemon Chalet Creams. I know this because I just ate an entire sleeve of them all by myself. (No, not feeling that great right at the moment.) They are sooo lemon-y and kind of salty too? Just enough to make you eat another one just to see if that is what you are tasting. Now repeat. I also like the Thin Mints. Now here at our house, Thins Mints are actually called "Caitlin Cookies". They got their name about 14 years ago when our friend's daughter sold us A CASE of THIN MINTS. Our boys LOVED them, and named them Caitlin Cookies, the name stuck and we still call them that to this very day. Oh by the way, Caitlin graduated from Duke and now she works on Wall Street. Cheers to Caitlin and her delicious cookies!
I suggest you take a stainless steel martini shaker fill with crushed ice, milk and Hershey's dark chocolate syrup, shake it like a martini, and serve it in a frosty martini glass. Or do what my boys do, drink the milk from the carton until it is empty and then put it back in the fridge.



  1. next week i'll have 120 boxes to deliver, and quite a few to eat! have you tried the ice cream (edy's) with g.scout cookies in them? yumm.

  2. Can't wait for the GS cookies to arrive. I am fascinated by your brain injury as I am a math teacher. Love your blog and sense of humor. :)