Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Ahhhh Mother In Laws......

My MIL has been staying with us for the past week for my nephew's Bar Mitzvah festivities. And can I say....Bless her heart.....the poor thing has her foot permanently lodged in her mouth.
Up to her ankle.
Now the beauty of having a blog is that when she says these incredibly insulting things to me I just write them down so that I can blog about them later! I used to get my feelings hurt and now I'm so excited to have blogging material, I'm thinking "Bring it!". Now you might be worried that she is reading this right now, but don't worry because this is how our story begins.

Read Aloud with a very loud and strong Brooklyn accent:

MIL: "Oh your blog......I read that a few the beginning. I don't really have time, to sit around all day on the computer."
(as I was sitting around typing a blog post yesterday)

MIL: "You know Dee, you really aren't that unique" (referring to me blogging about my crazy brain)

After the second comment I turned to my husband who was pretending to read the paper and announced loudly. "Hey did you hear that one!! She said I wasn't that unique!" With this crazy smile on my face because I knew that it would be blogged about shortly.

Don't worry I informed her after the offensive comment that she just landed herself on the blog.

I wonder if they have surgery that can remove the foot from her mouth. That position couldn't possibly be comfortable. But then again she must be used to it.


  1. that sounds like my mother! she is an italian-catholic and has NO PROBLEM telling me im too fat/thin, home to too dirty/clean (yes-clean!!) or that my kids arent as cute as i think they are.
    needless to say, we dont talk much!

  2. OH MY GOSH!!!! You my dear friend are one of the most unique people I have ever meet!!!!! And I mean that in a very good way!!!! Sigh... so happy you can find humor in the midst of the unexplainable.

  3. You know the old saying "if you can't kill em, make fun of them" and remind yourself you will NEVER be a MIL like that.. over and over and over.. lol

  4. I can MIL is the same way! I have some decorative pillows on my bed (6 of them) and during a visit she said "Wow, that's a lot of pillows, I guess it's okay for you because you have a lot of time to do stuff like that", I assume it's because I am a stay-at-home mom with a toddler and have nothing better to do than make my bed! I love your blog, btw!

  5. You are SO unique, not only because of your story but because of your endless creativity and ability to see so many projects through to fabulous completion. People want to read about you because they get ideas about how to make their homes look better, their girl scout cookies beautiful (didn't even know that they needed it before i saw your blog), and hear about how you do it all with some very intersting challenges. I'd say that is pretty unique!

  6. Oh no, you've got one to? Well, I am blessed to not have a mother in law, but I do have a grandmother in law. She also was horrible with her words, but thankfully has moved across the country and I don't have to see her or talk to her anymore! LOL

  7. Noooooooooo!! I am a mother-in-law I had a mother-in-law help us all!!!

  8. Mom, I'm proud of you for restraining yourself!

  9. you are very welcome.

  10. Some women feel the constant need to put others down to quench their insecure, competitive spirit. What a silly woman.

    Your MIL should see what a great record you're creating for the family. You're documenting everything from the mundane to the momentous. That's something people don't do that much anymore. Perhaps in the future, your children's children will look back and marvel at what their grandmother was able to do and the adversity she overcame. This will be a gem that they will cherish and enjoy!