Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I see London....

We have a sweet sheepdog named Casey. (When she's not biting me to get my attention) She rarely barks, (we've only heard her a few times), she doesn't shed, and she's the only other girl in the house!

Yesterday she was outside playing with the neighborhood dogs in the snow. We all have open gates between the homes so the dog's and kids can go from back yard to back yard. Our neighbors could not be sweeter, so it works out great!

Casey started barking and barking, so I went to see what was wrong. She was chasing our next door neighbor's dog around and around this shrub and I realize they are fighting over something. Because of the snow I couldn't really tell what it was because it was white.......and........lacey........oh.....no. Oh yes. I made a mad dash for the tug-of-war altercation and this is what a wrangled out of the neighbor dog's mouth.

My un.der.wear. Nice.