Friday, February 12, 2010

My design crush...

Ok as you know by now I have a design crush on Eddie Ross. I wouldn't say I'm a stalker, but I do follow him around the web a little bit. I don't think his boyfriend Jaithin has anything to worry about, our relationship is DESIGN based. So I was reading a post here:

about a little copper tray that he picked up his fabulous outing at a New York Flea Market, in his cute puffer jacket and burberry scarf. It looked like this:

Well as serendipity would have it, I was perusing my favorite boutique, in my lucky jeans and down parka and what did I happen upon? hmmmmmm........

This is the AFTER picture! I had to scrub that thing for-ev-er. Of course once again I did take a BEFORE picture without the card in the camera!! Canon will you please have an alarm go off if someone is taking pictures with no card in the camera! So here is Eddie's in all of its Rat Pack Glory!

Here's mine:

We're having family friendly martinis! Just use Sparkling Cider with Pom pomegranate juice! Delicious, good for you, the kids can have some, and it is a beautiful red color for valentines day!
Here is another way, for a fancy treat:

Cookies and milk anyone?
I'm telling you the best chocolate milk ever is shaken in a stainless steel martini shaker with ice. Try it!
Eddie would be so proud!


  1. Awe, so beautiful and fun for the kids!

  2. What a fun idea! Kid friendly martinis! Love it! Just found your blog and I simply adore all of your great ideas! You better watch out, people are going to be "design-crushing" on you too!