Thursday, February 18, 2010

O Magazine is all about De-Cluttering Your Life!! this month. Since you all know that I love O Magazine and the show Hoarders on A&E the combination has made me make a mad dash for the Goodwill Drive-Through and unload a ton of things from my closet on Ebay so that someone else can hoard it. First, let me say in all honesty, I have broken all of the Oprah Rules Thus far:

1) Don't build a wardrobe built on fantasy.
But what if I meet Don Draper, and his secretary just quit, and I'm wearing one of my 10 sexy secretary outfits and well, one typing thing leads to another and we go out for a drink and a ciggie and..........get it?

2)Don't Buy Your Favorites Over and Over.
Three words: Brown .Tweed .Blazers. Looooovee Them. No Idea Why.....Maybe if I'm wearing one and I'm in Harvard Square and they need a professor lets say to teach......Making Dog Treats 101....and there I am all professor-ed up.....(See rule #1)

3)Don't Shop For the Beautiful but Impractical.
Jessica Simpson Brown Suede Pointy Toe 5 inch heals. I wore them and screamed. Not in ecstasy but in severe pain! It sounded much like her singing. I looked sooooo hot! Because I was sweating over the excruciating level of torture. It was right up there with childbirth....but you know, with my feet....did that make sense? It's 5am so I'm not so sure.

This is just step one in my Oprah-ized blog post. I think I will do a series. Do come back for more.



  1. Just started reading the articles in O..
    As a relative of an authentic hoarder...
    these rules are for other than hoarders...hoarders will buy anything, with some illogical reasoning...I am a size 22 but I want to be a size I will buy the size 10 so when I get there (NOT) I will have this great is the thinking. If they could reason rationally they wouldn't be hoarders.
    As my sisters professional organizer says..
    Have a lovely organized day!

    Lisa K

  2. Thank you Lisa K for the clarification, and you are exactly right. I have hoarders in my family too, so I scare myself every once in awhile. Best to be freaked out and keep it under control. You know I love a good ailment!


  3. I am doing a challenge for lent to get rid of one trash bag of stuff a day for 40 days!

  4. Ha I think everyone can relate to these! Thanks for illustrating with pictures :D

  5. Those boots are so cute! What size are they?? Maybe I'll throw a bag of old shoes out and take a pair of yours off your hands while I'm at it. I soooo need to declutter but, there's always room for just one more pair of adorable shoes in my closet...especially if it means I would be doing you a favor by helping ease your pain. lol