Friday, February 19, 2010

Lent Challenge

The blog Simply Catholic is doing a 40 trash bag challenge. I joined up. You don't have to be Catholic or observe Lent to be a part of it. I don't think I could fill that large of a bag every day, but I know that I could fill a shopping bag. Since I have many G-Dub bags laying around, I'm just going to fill them up and bring them back with new stuff!
What's in my first bag?
High, high, high heeled sandals. I'm a small person, so I love high heels, however with my new skill of falling, I thought I should go a little lower this season.
3 quarter (sleeve) length sweaters. I bought them in every color last year, and do you know something? Denver has 3 temperatures. -20, 20, and 80. (Sometimes all in the same day) So theoretically half your arm is freezing, or sweating. Hate them. Live and learn.
Random clothes that I'm sick of or just don't fit well.
A good rule is that one new article of clothing comes in another goes out. That's a hard one, but it does keep you closet under control. If you can't find a hanger to put it on, then something has to go to free up a hanger. (My husband is either laughing hysterically, or printing this post to hang in the closet.) He has no idea how I actually have to edit the clothing. I'm.a.girl. Get it?!
When you are giving to the Goodwill, or any other charity. Please only give wearable, useful clothing. If you can't wear it because it is ripped to shreds or has a large paint stain down the front, someone else can't wear it either. That's not helpful.
You can go to Simply Catholic to sign up for yourself! Happy Organizing!



  1. I wear 3/4 lenght sleeves.(Love light weight sweaters) Maybe you should pass them my way? I do live in california you know!

  2. Whew! They are still in the back of my car. We're snowed in round here! They're all yours mom!

  3. 40 bags seems excessive to me too - I don't think I could fill 40 bags if I gave away every article of clothing I owned! I do need to pare stuff down though.

    At least this post will cheer up your hubby!

  4. We just did a major home cleanout last year, including 4 huige boxes of my son's toys that went to the vets. I wish you every success as you meet the challenge.