Monday, February 1, 2010

So How Was Your Day?.....

Oh, thank you for asking. I try not to make this blog all sunshine and unicorns, but if you think that I do this post will change your mind.
So....I woke up this morning with the world's worst sore throat. I'm a sore throat aficionado so I know the worst when I feel it. I think some store brand Daytime Cold Medicine seems like a good idea. So I took some.
Well, when your neurologist says, no mind-altering substances like alcohol or caffeine he should throw in the Daytime Cold Medicine. Because guess what? I felt like I had ingested about a kilo of Cryst*l M*th. I'm not kidding. I told my husband that maybe I needed to go to the ER for the Cryst*l M*th antidote if one existed. And that if he came home from work and I had moved to a trailer park and stopped wearing a bra he would know why! (Why would you purposely do this to yourself? I can't imagine!! That was NOT FUN!!)
It started to wear off a little, so I thought it was safe for me to run some errands. You know selfish stuff like returning one child's library book and buying another one at Barnes and Noble to replace the other one from school that he misplaced, buying groceries, putting gas in the car etc....
Now in the back of my speed-twitching mind I remember that I have to pick up my older son for batting practice at 2:80......yeah you read it right. So at 2:50 I get the frantic phone call, WHERE ARE YOU? I'm thinking I have time, whats the hysteria? As the clock clicks 3:00 I realize that there is no such thing as 2:80. He doesn't speak to me all the way to the batting cages. (He was on time by the way, but don't let that little detail curtail his breakdown.) Because of that delay, on the way to pick up my younger son my phone rings and he says, "Mom do we need to go over the "No Child Left Behind Policy" AGAIN! He's funny that one. It is then that he decides that we need to have the ever-popular, "How come I can't have rated Mature Video Games when everyone else does" argument for the bajillionth time this week.
I would like to go to bed now please. Good night. (Oh yeah not only is there no such thing as 2:80. I thought 2:80 was ten minutes before 3:00. Still not right. My math is still a little off.)
How was your day?


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