Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Remember my neighbors that let me borrow (I mean babysit) her?
They also let me borrow their Zoku machine!
I'm trying to eat "clean" lately. I made up the term for things that aren't processed. I'm trying to wean myself from some "brain medication" so I thought that eating healthy couldn't hurt.
I blended Organic Cherries (Costco), Organic Blueberries (I froze them this summer), local honey, and Organic Yogurt
You put them in this magic Zoku machine and in 7 minutes you have a delicious popsicle! I wish I had this in Flaming Hot Fresno when I was little!
Look at those freckles on my son! I forget that they came from me. My husband likes to take super close up pictures, and I think dang! we are the freckle family!!
Yummmmmy and Healthy!



  1. You did have homemade freezer pops, I made them with tupperwear in the freezer. But they didn't harden so they didin't hold up well in the 100 degree heat. Kids with sugar running down their arms didn't work out so back to store bought.

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