Monday, September 13, 2010

Halloween at the G-Dub

I wanted to do a post about putting together costumes from the G-Dub so I gathered my goodies..... hung them all up...

Invited all of the neighborhood kids over for a little dress-up and a photo shoot!

Look at all of the great things I found....

(Leetsdale and Belleview Goodwill Stores)

Who do we have here?...Well it's baby Yoda, Princess Leia, and Hans Solo at the door. Why yes, Hans loves himself some Crocs!! All from G-Dub! The Yoda is a baby or toddler costume and I added a green baby hat all from the store on Belleview. (49 cents with the tags still on!) My little friend next door wanted all of the Star Wars family costumes, but then when it was her turn to dress up she backed out. She's three.....a girl has the right to change her mind! We tried!!

There are racks of ready made costumes at Goodwill right now. Shop now for your dress-up closet for pennies! (really pennies) Wash them up and you can save some money to buy the BIG Snickers bars! (to hide in the freezer for when the kids are at school!)

Happy Shopping!



  1. Cute post! Love the models. What are the candy givers at your house going to wear? I live at the end of a long driveway. Even the kids from the two houses near us don't come anymore. They are teenagers now. So sad. Ann

  2. Beautiful!! What great frugal ideas! I love Goodwill!