Monday, September 6, 2010

A Paris Street Market

Some friends and I met up and to do a little shopping at "A Paris Street Market" in Aspen Grove. That sentence sounds pretty swanky I must say. We had such a great time catching up and wandering the stalls for pretty little things. If you live in the Denver area you really need to go check it out! The vendors were great! It was soooo hot that morning! We decided to do a little hat shopping. We each bought a hat from the Madagascar Hat Company. You should check out their website! The hats can be folded into so many beautiful shapes, they look beautiful, and they keep the sun off of your beautiful face!

Dawn and me


Lisa K.

Then we moved on to vintage clothing. I think my hands are small. Wait until you try on a vintage glove, their hands were tiny!

I like to call this "The Trout Pout"

So lady like. Man Men here I come. (except that my boyfriend Don Draper has got to get his self destructive ways under control. I don't like a project.)

Lisa K took the pix of me with her iphone. Love them! Thanks Lisa! We had a nice air conditioned lunch (Ted's Montana Grill--Yum!) to catch up and make Darrin the waiter's face a little red! Can't wait to do it again! For some reason Peggy didn't jump in front of the lens so she isn't in any of the pictures! Sorry Peggy! (she could take a lesson from me you know, jump in front of every camera you see, do the head tilt, maybe a little back arch.......just some suggestions.)


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