Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Here is the latest Goodwill Dress Up Costume.

My little model is a "Dressage Rider".

Or "Horse-Riding Girl" works too! We are lucky to have such amazing items to choose from at our local Goodwills here. I picked up the Dressage helmet at the store on Belleview, but the store in Parker is horse-heaven. The Parker store had a helmet as well as numerous horse and rodeo related items.

We walked over to a barn near our house and shot away!

We left the tags on so that you could see the ENTIRE outfit is from G-Dub.

Black Blouse with bow $4.99

Harlequin Sweater $3.99

Black pants $4.99

Helmet $5.99

(you could use black softball/baseball pants or sweats even.)

I found these custom made cowboy boots at the store on Parker and Belleview. They didn't have a size listed, but they were most likely a size 7.

$12.99 (the splurge)

(too small for the model! ouch!)

We put this costume together entirely of Goodwill items, but you could always cut costs by adding things from your own closet.

I love that she looks adorable, she is modestly dressed, and that she could use any of the items later!


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