Sunday, September 12, 2010

Halloween costumes that won't scare you! Part 1

In my humble opinion there is nothing worse than the current trend of hooched up little girls Halloween costumes! I dropped my son off at a party last year (8th grade) and Sexy Alice in Wonderland and Hot Naughty nurse answered the door. Needless to say I was a little shocked that their parents were standing right behind them, and I had to stifle the urge to throw a blanket over the whole mess! In full disclosure I would have begged my mom for some hot Halloween costume and she would not have permitted it, which would have caused a serious fit on my part, but now that I'm a parent I "get it".

Here are some adorable "costumes" that I created from the Goodwill. I went to the Leetsdade and Belleview stores to gather my goods. Dress up gear still in the packaging.
Good Afternoon Ghost Bustahs........

Goodwill has racks and racks of traditional costumes that are just waiting for you!

I had something a little different in mind than the pre-made variety. Keeping in mind that schools have a "no gore" policy, and we are keeping the little girls covered up, I came up with some appropriate costumes with a little money and a bit of imagination.

I say Sally Draper, but you can call her "1950's Girl".
The princess phone is from the Goodwill on Leetsdale ($7.99)
Adorable Polka-Dot Dress is from the Goodwill on Belleview ($4.99)
(the vintage crinoline is from my collection)

Brilliant Doctor, Caring Veterinarian, Hard Working Nurse

Every Goodwill has a large section of scrubs for you to choose from. Prices range from $3.99 to $6.99

Princess Leah with the fabulous cinnamon roll buns on her head!

Costume from Goodwill on Belleview ($4.99)

(I think this is an "angel" or "queen" costume that we added suede boots and cool cinnamon roll buns that were twisted by me.)

With a little imagination and some good searching skills you can put together a modest, fun and apropriate costume for your little girl or boy!

Shop Goodwill first and see what you can put together. Come back for more costumes every day this week!



  1. I completely agree. Halloween has turned into an excuse to dress slutty for so many girls, and I think it's sad. I'm not a fan of the cookie cutter consumerism costumes from the store either. $30 for a flimsy, cheesy costume? No way! I think hand-made costumes are so much cuter!

  2. oh i need to start on mine! last year i made princess leia and han solo costumes (me and hubby)but the boys like those aweful one piece things from target.