Thursday, September 23, 2010

I'm taking my son to 39 Steps tonight, which reminded me of a little story. A few years ago I asked my husband to take me to the ballet. I wanted the entire family to go. Since I spent 100 thousand hours on a baseball field I thought that it was my turn. Reluctantly he agreed. Everyone dressed up (well appropriately anyway) and off we went to dinner before the ballet. Let's say that I drank waaay to much iced tea. I can't stay awake past 8 o'clock so I figured the caffeine would do me good.

We got there in plenty of time and right before it starts I realize that I should probably use the ladies room one more time. As I left, I asked the very helpful doorman if I had enough time before the doors were closed for good. He cheerfully said "Yes!" and promptly shut the door when I was out of eyesight. Sooo I got locked out of the ballet for the entire first half!!! Oh you should have seen the adoring glances from the three men I left behind in there!! Thank goodness we were in a crowded room!

Lesson learned.

The ballet wasn't that great anyway. I'm picking the IHOP for waffles next time.


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