Thursday, September 2, 2010

G-Dub the Shoe Addition

Some people draw the line at buying shoes at the Goodwill (G-Dub). I did too until I found a pair of knee high, fur lined Timberland boots ($150.00) for $4.99. So I decided to re-think it heres why:

Ellen Tracy Brown Wedge $4.99
(I may have spray painted something in these- just sayin)

Ann Marino Embellished Sandal

Bandolino Platform Peep Toe $4.99

Amalfi for Nordstrom $4.99

Brand New Nike Running Shoe $12.99 (I know a splurge!)

Novela Ballet Pump $4.99
(Soooo cute in person!)

Chinese Laundry Floral Flat $6.99

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  1. Lots of my friends, absolutely draw the line... BUT when I was doing from G-Dub were my best sellers...That & purses..
    I hardly ever buy brand new anymore...

  2. GIRL! YOu got some deals!! LOVE the shoes :)

  3. A while back, I would have several outfits for graduations and other fancy must attend school things. I had really nice shoes for each outfit, but I knew that if it rained, I would still have to attend. I didn't want to ruin my designer shoes, so I bought a really inexpensive pair of shoes for each outfit, from Target or TJMaxx. I should have gone to G-Dub. Ann

  4. I saw a metal typewriter table like the one you got at G-W on Etsy at Junktique for .......$95.00. Plus shipping. I'll bet if you take one of these apart, the top and sides might make a nice magnetic bulletin board. With chalk paint. Ann

  5. I look at the shoe section every time I'm in G-dub, but my feet are so big that the selection is nothing but black...literally, it's just nothing but black. So sad.