Tuesday, August 31, 2010

How to Thrift Part 2

There are a lot of jeans here so you really have to look, I like darker wash so I don't waste my time looking through each pair of 1980's acid wash with the worlds highest waist. Look for "rise" the size of the zipper gives it away. A 8 inch zipper is trouble. Two words: Mom Jeans. Run for your life!
You have to develop your "thrift vision" or you will be lost here.

Since we live in Colorado you can find a ton of ski wear, outdoor gear, warm parkas, and jackets. Many of them have the tags still on them. But you have to think "thrifty" you might find them in the summer, so look "out of season".
What the heck is wrong with this camera.....This is a Banana Republic sweater. But it was an "XS" don't buy it just because it is a good deal.

No one wants to be choked by a sweater all season!

Nope, still blurry, you get the point.

Banana Republic suit size 2. It could have come in with the sweater above that is an XS.

Which leads me to my next point. If you find one thing in your size from Banana Republic for example look for more. Rarely does anyone take the time to donate from your wardrobe one piece at a time. If you see something that you like in your size look for more from that donation. You never know

This says Halloween Costume to me. But someone could come in and say Perfect for Fall! There is something for everyone, and A Lot of things that won't be to your liking. Keep trying. I find amazing things because I enjoy the hunt!

1. People who donate from their wardrobe DON'T do it a piece at a time. If you see one thing that you like keep looking you will probably stumble across many more from the same donation. I have never seen a person drive up and hand over a shirt or a pair of jeans. But I have seen giant stacks of clothing on hangers. (When I see a huge section of men's shirts and suits all with tags or in the same size, I think someone has gotten himself in trouble. (I may or may not know someone who took her husbands entire side of the closet to the G-Dub) His loss your gain. (REALLY good stuff!!) There may have been some golf clubs in that donation as well.

2. Buy out of season, or if you have children buy the next size up.

3. Go with names you trust. Levi's, Gap, Old Navy......(especially for boys).

Banana Republic, White House Black Market, Lucky.....You just have to look.

Good Luck and go today!



  1. 4:12am posting?
    I can never find clothes, but a friend finds all her husbands and Son clothes. All expensive with a Europen look. It only takes her 2 seconds. That girl can hunt!

  2. I have never seen so many jeans except at the Gap. Do you think they ever get Christian Blue?