Friday, September 3, 2010

Pink Pyrex Love!

The other day when I was doing a little shoe research at the G-Dub I thought I would take a peek at the housewares department. I'm on the lookout for a heavy cast iron griddle. Yes, I let the last one get away.......anywaaaayy so I stopped dead in my tracks because stacked on the shelf were these...(I love a little suspense!)

get out.

all 3 just stacked up there.... no silver scuffs...




Did you think I was going to say they were 25 cents each?

Come on G-Dub is a good cause!

Alllll mine. I love them. Just, now where do I put them? hmmmm....



  1. An amazing find, I think it was a great price, I would have bought them at any price!!


  2. Those are GORGEOUS! It's obvious I need to start shopping in housewares more often at Goodwill, as I too would have paid that money for those in that condition (or slightly worse). Great find!