Friday, January 15, 2010

You'll Never Guess Where I Found This Chair...

I'm right in the middle of re-doing my office. I used to own a stationery company, but when I was ready to "retire" and sell the business, I never wanted to set foot in my office again.
That was about three years ago, so I thought that I should be about ready to hang out in there again. Wait until you see the before and afters...weeeeeee! I love the new space, but it isn't quite ready to show off yet.
Sooo back to the chair. I picked one up at my favorite boutique the GeeDub! (That's the Goodwill for all of you who aren't so fancy) $10.00 right in my price range. (I have a $20.00 limit for All Purchases in a Day. One has to make limits, right?)
And drum roll please.... here is what it looks like now!!

I put it in my "sewing nook". What? You didn't know that I can sew? Well I'm going to take "lessons" from my seamstress. Now I have a cute chair to sit upon.
Here's how I did it:

I used Black Satin.


  1. You took the words right out of my mouth! You SEW? What! The things I learn everyday....

  2. I still think you need your own show on HGTV! Let's see what should it be called????? Hey all you blog readers let's come up with a creative name for Dee's new show!!!! Love the chair! You're so talented!

    Happy Shopping!!

  3. Sorry the above was me Tami. Still learning my way around this Blog thingy.

  4. No I don't "sew". I'm learning to sew! But now I have a cute chair to do it in!

  5. love how that turned out - esp the fabric you used, so cute!!

  6. Oh its lovely but is it comfortable?

  7. I love that chair! Love rollers on everything.

  8. What a cool chair, and you made it even cooler!
    I love the black, and the fabric you chose!

  9. omg I need a chair in the studio, that is an excellent idea

  10. I love that transformation! The black brings out the nice lines of the back and makes the chiar look high end. The graphic fabric for the seat is perfect. Very nice work!