Monday, January 11, 2010

Lucky Jeans

Guess who got Lucky and found a pair of Lucky Jeans in her favorite boutique the GW? Me that's who!! Now I refer to them as my "Lucky Jeans". I guess they would really be the lucky (adjective) lucky jeans (noun). That's just the reformed English teacher coming out in me!

The jeans are soooo Lucky that when I was wearing them yesterday something interesting happened.

I was making my bed, I was looking at the fine job I did with the stapled-on, painters drop-cloth bed skirt I made and spotted a little something silver shining under the bed. I got on all fours, and what did I happen upon? The MISSING IPOD TOUCH that had the house in a major tizzy over the weekend. It must have fallen out of my younger son's hoodie while I was putting eye-drops in his disgustingly infected pink-eyes. (I should just home school him and get it over with.)