Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Drumroll Please...

Please don't turn me in to the TV show Hoarders! I realized that my office had a problem and called for professional help. Her name is Tami McCall and that little lady is a miracle worker!
Yes there is a batting cage in my basement, oh and workout gear. First I had to unload EVERYTHING from my office and office closet. It was a huge pile of hot mess!
Just a lot of this and that...
and more stuff...

There's Keys, you remember him? He's my friend/handyman.

Everything had to be OUT!

Keys painted the office with the color "Weimaraner" it is a

gray-beige, lovely, warm color.

It looks darker here but it is gray-ish in "real life".

The Office Closet "Before"

Okay, this is AFTER it was unloaded...or so I thought. EVERYTHING had to come out so Tami could put it back in some kind of order! Isn't Tami the cutest thing!!

Hold onto your skirts ladies, because the after pix will blow your skirts up for certain!!

The wrapping station...

My Portmerion Collection....and Tami McCall from Zeal Denver.

Dishes...and room to grow!
Tami is a miracle worker!! She runs a company called Zeal Denver, and is available in the Metro Denver area for event planning, decor, organizing, and using your own things to transform your home and LIFE! You can email her at or call her for your own makeover! 303.909.1424



  1. Its like a butlers pantry. I love it and for things you dont need every day, out of the way untill when you need them. I want one too but where could I put it?

  2. Holy COW!!! That's amazing. Gorgeous and I am so jealous!!!
    ~ Tana