Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Office Yet Again

Looks like someone took Grandma's silver collection to the GW. Well I was happy to take it off their hands.

Look how nice it looks!

These things don't necessarily "go together", but unify them with a little spray paint, and they look great!

Too much color! Do I like it? I'm not sure yet. My son said, "I thought you didn't like Chihuahuas." Oh dear. (no pun intended)

So much better!

Ahh the power of paint. Go check out some more ideas at Domestically Speaking!



  1. Love this! I love using spray paint, so fun and quick results!

  2. I love your silver! I always look at the essentials on my desk and wonder how to organize them - idk why I never thought to just set them on a tray :)

  3. I have a love for all things white.. so I am LOVING how the deer turned out! Great job!

  4. So creamy and lovely! Thanks for joining the Power of Paint Party!