Thursday, January 28, 2010

What a difference a year makes...

I took this picture of my friend Crystal and her baby Rylee exactly a year ago. When I open "my pictures" file it is the first one that greets me. I love the sweet look on Crystal's face, and the fact that they match even though it wasn't planned. This is Crystal's own hair, so it gives the essence of "her". She passed away from an agressive form of cancer two months after this picture was taken.
This Valentines Day be thankful for your loved ones. Just as you should every day. I miss her, and her family misses her. But I think of her often.



  1. you know if you think if her everyday, she will never leave your heart. (someone (i have no idea who because it was such a bad day)told me that at my nana's funeral. we were very close. i talk about her all the time.)

  2. I know you made a big difference in her life Dee. She was also blessed to have such a dear friend as you...