Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Cozy Dinner

Here's my recipe on how to make French onion soup the easy and non-stink up your hands beyond repair way.

The secret is frozen chopped onions! Hooray! I've chopped all of the onions by hand before, and I thought that the onion smell would never go away! Ick!

Saute the thawed onions in butter AND olive oil for about 30 mins. You want them all brown and caramelly. Sure it is a word, I made it up.


Getting there...

Ahhh! Now glug some wine in there. No you don't need to measure...I used white, but red is good too!

I used 2 cartons of low sodium beef broth and a teaspoon of this Beef Base, yum.

Slice a baguette and top with Gruyere cheese...put under the broiler and enjoy! I know it looks like it needs more cheese.. I agree....but I couldn't get a good photo before the boys took them from me!


  1. Mmm... looks delicious! Lovely on a freezing cold day like today - thank you. Great tip for no stinky fingers!

  2. Looks great and I have never even tried French onion soup! :)