Tuesday, December 7, 2010

WIWW The jacket edition...

Pink Plaid Jacket -Jason? Brand Goodwill
H&M Button Down Shirt from Goodwill
Jeans The Gap via Goodwill
Boots Target (I loooove them can you tell?)
Vintage Wool Coat Goodwill (It could be a childs coat but I don't care!)
H&M Shirt again....I love that thing.
Cable Knit Skirt Goodwill
Boots Nine West
Close up of the cable knit skirt.
I was at an event for Safe House Denver...

Long Coat - No Tag Inside Goodwill
Riding Pants Anne Taylor Loft
Wing Tip Shoes- Steve Madden Goodwill

Setting the Hanukkah Table

I like to call these my Colorado Winter Seasonal Decorations...just go with it...

Banana Republic Sweater Dress
Old Navy Denim Jacket
All Goodwill all the time!

I wore this outfit to "dress" our Lafayette Chamber of Commerce members for the VIP Shopping Event for the new Goodwill Store opening in Lafayette, Colorado!
*I snagged the BEST pair of red cowboy boots as I was picking out outfits for the ladies! (I pulled them aside for my own cart!)
**Have I mentioned that I blog for Goodwill? I shop all of the different stores and find the most amazing things! Just so you know...I shop in the retail part ONLY. I don't get any behind the scenes shopping privileges.



  1. Wow, I wish our Goodwill had things like this. I've been in there several times and came out with things (household items) that I didn't need. Love all your outfits too cute. Thanks for sharing.

  2. All adorable! Hope you can help me find some good stuff on Saturday! You have a knack for finding the best stuff!

  3. Love that blazer! I've GOT to go check out my local goodwll! Love the Hanukkah decorations! Very pretty.

  4. I love the pink plaid jacket! The pink is unexpected and cute! I'm also a sucker for a denim jacket with a skirt. Totally one of my fav looks.

  5. My boots are from Target so they aren't exactly the same but they sure look it!

  6. Every week I'm amazed at your Goodwill finds. Just amazing! And the possible child's jacket... I love it!

  7. love every single outfit! didn't know you blogged for goodwill (and i thought i found great stuff!)

  8. I love your outfit!! I can't believe you got such lovely clothes from Goodwill!!! Amazing:)

  9. oh so love Goodwill you look great!

  10. You and I would be best friends. Goodwill is so cool. I can spend hours roaming the aisles, and I often do. Thrifting is my therapy.

  11. Hey honey, I am so in love with the crombie coat with the skinny pant and oxfords...so stylish and perfect for the petite girls. My husband so wants a dog like yours, we are waiting until we have the space hehe. Have a great week and thanks for your lovely comments. axx

  12. I love jackets and coats, too! :)

    I was wondering what your etsy store is called?