Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My dream car....

Have you seen the Fall Tommy Hilfiger Campaign? Holy Moly.....The Jeep Wagoneer with the wood sides is my all time favorite car! I love the whole entire premise. Tailgating.....picnics.....skiing....plaid....the whole thing... Sooo I thought I would put together some Goodwill Finds to help you re-create you own little Hilfiger reality!

Do you love it?



  1. i have always wanted that car too!
    and i would even dress all 'outdoorsey' to ride in it!

  2. Are you my long lost daughter? My favorite car is the Woody. I don't know who made it and I'll never get one but I have a Christmas ornament of one. On Friday my husband said to me, "I used to think I was preppy, but I don't think so anymore." I said, "Well, according to the Daily Prep, you can't be totally preppy because you wear jeans." He still wears penny loafers! He wears colored corduroys from Vineyard Vines. He shoots sporting clays. That's okay, because if I wanted a Jeep Wagoneer, he would get me one. He had a Davy Crockett cap like that in the fifties. Ann

  3. I LOVE that ad AND the car -FAB and vintage!

  4. That's a classic! I also like the 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee that I saw in one of the Indianapolis used car dealerships company last week with my boyfriend. The best thing about this car is the 'adventurous' style and design, which I think is perfect for my outgoing personality. I love driving around town and exploring nature and stuffs. We've been looking for a used car in Indianapolis for months now. Anyway, oh yes! Those outfits are what I am talking about the nature exploration thing. Ha! Thanks!

  5. Even after all these years, the wooden look of the Wagoneer is still one of the most appealing aspects of vintage cars that makes you fawn over them. Ahhh, those were the days when lots of people had that kind of car, with their belongings piled on top during family road trips.