Monday, April 5, 2010

Divide and Conquer!

When you have more than one child sometimes you have to divide and conquer. While boy #1 went with my husband to the West Coast to play baseball, boy #2 came with me to Washington DC for a vacation and to meet up with my parents and niece.

Cherry Blossoms and an unwilling hugger!

Ahhhh the family!

Boat tour of the Monuments and Cherry Blossoms. It was a beautiful day!

Me and my identical twin--I mean mom.

Lunch at the Roosevelt Hotel.....a MUST if you are visiting DC!
Ladies who Lunch...Doesn't my niece Anna fix up cute!!

I seriously crack my mom up! I was trying to give her lessons on how to smile for the camera...It's not my fault she didn't practice in the mirror every day of her childhood like I did!

See she listens to me!

We'll take our dessert in the private library sir.
(How many deals have gone down here?.....)
It was amazing!



  1. how funny! last week I was in your area and now you are in mine!

  2. i have 2 seperate friends in dc RIGHT NOW doing the easter egg roll on the white house lawn! it must be the place to be!