Friday, April 30, 2010

Our Daily Bread

I've been obsessed lately with baking bread. Yesterday I didn't get out of my pajamas for A LONG TIME because I downloaded these two books onto my Kindle. My husband was leaving for work and he asked me if I was going to get dressed. Since it was Snowing at that moment, I looked outside and said, maybe not today. BUT since I had to hit the treadmill due to eating the bread, I did get dressed eventually.

I made this huge batch of whole wheat dough for the week, and last night I used it for pizza. It was delicious! This morning it is rising on the counter for today. So when my husband called to say goodnight he asked me what I was doing and I said that I was reading about sour dough starter. He said, "Weren't you doing that when I left this morning?" My friends tease me about having enough time in my day to read about the intricacies of bread making, but I for one am learning a new skill. Might as well jump in with both feet! It saves me from thinking about my son's driving skills. I'm trying to keep the "what if's" from ruining my day.


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  1. i really love bread but cant make it to save my life! in my defense, we had an old school bread bakery down the street from us growing up and we never made bread, but knew what good bread was.
    now i live near a walmart.
    that isnt good bread.