Thursday, April 8, 2010

Cross your fingers....

Today is the big day. My son takes his driver's test. Just for complete transparency I think I hold the record in Clovis, California for the most consecutive failings of the drivers test. Not the written, but the actual driving. Once I failed in the parking lot backing out of the parking space. Yes I did. My dad didn't even make it into the building to wait when I was there saying "failed again." I was taking my test in my dad's giant yellow Caddy and it turns out that I had cranked the steering wheel so hard the tester was afraid that I was going to hit the car next to me. Dang it. Then there was the rolled stop sign, yeah rolled. Um....I think there were a few speeding in a blind intersection infractions. (What the heck is a blind intersection anyway?) At the time I didn't really care considering my boyfriend had a car....why did I need one? Did I mention that I'm one of the young ones at school for my grade so I was a Senior before I finally passed! Weeeeee!!! I had the cutest red Karmann Ghia waiting for me in the driveway (for a year). My younger brother LOVED it because turns out he was joy riding in it every night. So I guess it did get some use! (he was 13 and could drive a stick better than me turns out)

So hopefully this apple falls faaaaar from the tree and passes on his first try. He had a lot of practice driving me for the six months after my accident and I wasn't allowed to drive due to some tiny, little "executive functioning" problems. (that means you leave your children places and have no memory of it.)
Keeps your fingers crossed and stay off the road!
*UPDATE: PASSED (I'm sure he updated facebook, and tweeted this already!)



  1. i guessed my way thru my written test (i lived in pa) but failed 4 times the driving test. but i did pass!
    then when i moved to utah, i was so happy to find out i only had to do the written. BUT I FAILED! the law was/is that children over 8 can choose if they want to wear a seatbelt. 8...EIGHT! my 9 yr old cant choose his own clothes yet w/o looking riduclious! why would he be allowed to make a life/death choice?! everyone in my car wears a seatbelt.
    they passed me.
    i think they found me annoying.
    i wish your son luck today! (ps you arent old enough to REALLY have a kid that old, right?)

  2. i failed 5 times in senior year and then gave up. still haven't gone for 6th one.