Monday, April 26, 2010


(image from All Things
(don't know....sorry!)
(no clue, sorry again!)

Have you noticed the plethora of yellow side tables across the internet? I sure have! I love the yellow and gray combination and have noticed a lot of yellow in my wardrobe lately too!

I wore my posy pin today from The Pleated Poppy (this is a picture of the matching headband, she's sold out of the pins, keep checking back!) whileI gave my girlfriends a quick tour of the G-Dub today.

Anyway....back to the yellow tables. When I was little my dad made these side tables and my mom painted them the exact color of yellow! So weird, everything comes back again. Remember those yellow tables mom?

I can't decide if the yellow tables are cute or not cute....what do you think?



  1. Yes I remember...I love the one with rollers.. The color yellow , not so sure about that..

  2. im all about yellow right now. much to hubbys distress...