Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Over it...

Growing up my family went to Lake Tahoe to ski every Christmas Vacation. I loved the snow and we skied like maniacs. (that's how kids ski that don't take lessons.) Oddly enough, my favorite part of Lake Tahoe was the grocery shopping at Ralph's on the first day of our vacation. I just could not believe that the parking lot was full of cars and that people actually LIVED in Lake Tahoe and were able to enjoy the snow EVERY DAY! What!? You know how when you're in a vacation destination you can't believe that people actually live there?
They go to the grocery store in the snow? WOW! I thought that it would be so great to live IN THE SNOW!!
Well I grew up moved all over the US then ended up in Denver. I would pull into the King Soopers parking lot and think, "Wow, here I am living in the SNOW! I feel like I'm on vacation! This is GREAT!"
That was 10 years ago.
It is April, please stop snowing. I'm officially over it. My 16 year old will be driving in it this
Please stop snowing. The End.


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  1. amen! in the past week our snowpack in utah has grown like 10%. so over it.