Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Love is Gone

My son is a sophmore playing varsity baseball. I was worried about him hanging out with the older seniors because well, you know they're SENIORS! That is kind of scary to a mom. The team came to our house for dinner, and they put together this little dance number. I'm no longer worried. It turns out that they are still little boys, in big boy uniforms....We don't have fences in my neighborhood so my neighbors were calling and texting about the dance club we had going on in the backyard. The little girl next door came running out and was doing the dance moves right along with them. I didn't think that the boys would want that on you tube, but I thought it was so cute. (Yes that's me calling out the moves) There is something about my house that calls for a dance party. This was by no means the first!
*My son is the one on the right (that seems to be cut off) he keeps running in to change the music.

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