Monday, October 19, 2009

Movie Night

Last night we had family movie night. Since it's October I wanted to watch "Sleepy Hollow", then when I got to the video store (it is still hanging in there!) I realized it was rated R. My boys are old enough to see scary movies, but I wasn't sure how "scary" or "gory" it was to warrant the R rating. Last month we watched "Footloose" and my 13 year old had Fundamentalist Christian nightmares for a week! (I'm not kidding) So I wasn't sure how headless that horseman might be I decided to skip it.

I love, love, loved Escape to Witch Mountain as a kid! I couldn't believe they wanted to escape those rooms with a built in soda fountain and a carousel! Come on I would have stayed for a month or so before planning my escape. What kind of kids were those? So I picked up the remake with the Rock. The movie wasn't very good, but there were enough car crashes and explosions to make the boys tolerate it. They humour me!! Sometimes that's all I ask.

We had bison mini-burgers, pigs in a blanket, and tons of movie candy to choose from so everyone was happy.


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