Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Flu Season Helper

The best thing you can do during Flu Season is Wash Your Hands! However, you can wash them all you want, if the kids aren't washing theirs too, you can forget it! I know it isn't environmentally friendly, but I use paper towels in the main floor powder bath that everyone uses. That way all of the germs end up in the garbage and not shared on a hand towel. My friend Krista gave me this hot tip. (She let's us staycation at her house WITH our sheepdog! Now that is a true friend!! Love her!) Krista told me to get this soap from Bath and Body Works. It is Eucalyptus Spearmint in the Aromatherapy Line. It has a very lovely but strong scent, so you know right away if the kids have washed their hands WITH soap, and not the running water trick!! Great hint Krista!! (Her husband is a coach too, so they have little boy hands all over!!)
Go to http://www.wearethatfamily.com/ for more tips


  1. I love the smell of this!!! I have the lotion and it's so nice at night

  2. Good idea! I think I have that same paper towel holder, except in red.

  3. What a fantastic idea!!! Thank you so much.

  4. That's a great idea. I love that you have to play detective to see if they washed their hands! Very smart Mamma!