Thursday, October 29, 2009

Dining Room Chairs (My birthday present)

I love my new dining room chairs! The chairs that we were using were dining hazards! My son went to sit down and the chair nearly fell over. Perfect Timing! (He was fine and I wanted new ones) I saw these chairs in a furniture store, and they were 50% off. I went back to "visit" them a few weeks later and there they were still sitting there. Sooo I asked the salesman if he would consider marking them down since they were just sitting there. He said that 50% off is the best that they could do. Undeterred I went home and asked my husband to make a call. (We had just purchased a new bedroom suite there and I was hoping that the salesman would remember him.) Sure enough they gave my husband the deal of the century. I went to pick them up right away so they couldn't change their minds!! I love a bargain, AND it was my birthday!!

They look so pretty against the rugged table that I LOVE. Oh and the rug came from my least favorite store of all time. Yes, the Wal-Mart. WHAT? I went in for who-knows-what and came out with a dining room rug! There it was all rolled up between some tires and shampoo. Who designed that store anyway? I don't see any pattern to it. Deodorant is right between light bulbs and garden hoses. I just don't get it. BUT I found a really cute rug and that is all that matters!


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