Monday, October 19, 2009

DIY Horchow Look Alike!

This is the dining room light fixture that I wanted, but I didn't want the $395.00 price tag. So I did what every smart girls does and drove to Target to knock one off!
I saw this DIY somewhere online, but I haven't been able to find it. I google searched every way I could figure it, and then just decided to wing it.
Here is what I used. ****Update!*****A commenter let me know that the original post can be found here:

I used a globe lamp from Target similar to this one. It comes in two sizes and I bought the larger one for $39.00.

Now you need to take it apart. My next-door-neighbor had to take a hacksaw to it. I didn't use the cord so it didn't matter if it was cut apart. You will just need the acrylic globes and the base. Don't worry it isn't to hard to put back together.

I used the lamp parts from the original hanging light that I had here.

Turn OFF the power to the light and take it completely off. I removed the chain so all that was remaining was the cord and the socket that the light bulb fits into. Then I strung the cords through a 1/8" threaded pipe. Yes it took an hour and my fingers were ready to fall off!
Then slide the acrylic globes on with the silver spacers in between. They fit easily over the pipe. Next screw on a nut about a third of the way down the pipe, (this will hold the cover over the opening) then slide the round acrylic base, then the round cover that covers up all of the ugly wires in the ceiling. Now you can re-wire it yourself(easy) or ask someone who is more comfortable. Holding your arms above your head gets a little tiring! Once it is wired, slide the ceiling cover flush with the top, slide the acrylic cover over it and re-screw the nut tight to the top.
Now you can CAREFULLY touch up the paint.
This is the finished product.

I love it!!
By the way look what I found under the table AFTER all was said and done.

I rewired that lamp 96 Million times and there is no way I was going to do it again! So give me a snowy day and some iced tea, and I'll think about taking it all back apart. (don't hold your breath!)


  1. hah! isn't that always how it goes?? anyway, GREAT job! i too have been looking for chandeliers and pendants for my dining room and am blown away by how insanely expensive they are! i am not as brave as you to attempt to recreate a designer look. kudos to you for succeeding!

  2. Wow! That seems like so much work! I am VERY impressed with it! :) Lovely!


  3. Oh my...I'm sittin here at my desk with that exact Target lamp right next to me. I love what you did with it! This is a project I just might have to tackle in the near future. Thanks for the inspiration!!

  4. Hi Dee,
    This is wonderful!!! What a great high end look, without the high price! Fabulous job! I wouldn't worry about the extra piece, it looks perfect the way it is.

  5. The original tutorial is on apennysaved

  6. It looks great! I saw the original post on A Penny Saved and thought it was such a neat idea.

  7. That is so cool! What a great idea. I LOVE it!

  8. It's beautiful! Just hide that little piece and pretent like it never existed.

  9. I love that lamp! I read your blog during my lunch break and it's awesome! Cant wait to see what else you put together.
    oh I LOVE GW also!
    ~Tana :)