Monday, August 23, 2010

Thrifty Back to School Edition!

Let me say that I have the sweetest reader named Ann who emailed me to tell me of a little thrift store that she likes to go to. Not only did she give me the greatest find ever, she included directions and everything!! So we were going on a little "back to school on Monday" trip to Glenwood Springs Colorado, and my sweet, lovable husband said, "Sure, we can stop off there!" (What?!) Score!!!
She read of the ever-elusive Dale of Norway sweaters that I collect, but have been yet to find at my local G-Dub. Don't worry I haven't given up yet.

So, here we are leaving the world's best thrift store. Oh did I mention it is located halfway between Vail and Aspen? Yesssssss! OMG did I hit the mother load. Yes I say that every week.

Not Dale of Norway, but a vintage Meister ski sweater from the 1960's or 1970's I would say. Yeah! I live and ski (well no more following the accident) in Colorado, this is perfect! Weeeee! So that is what I got for myself. I also picked up a Lily Pulitzer blazer, and a Burberry long sleeved polo shirt with the Nova Check collar.
My husband found an Armani Suit but not in his size, dang!

A few Juicy items for my niece. (her favorite brand) is where it gets GOOOOD!

Um Wait....Does that say Rock and Republic?

Are they tiny like my niece?

Why yes they are!!!!!!! They were $25.00 but I couldn't pass them up!
My son did not appreciate the jumping for joy, he is 14 going on 44.

Nor does he appreciate my love for the Thrifty Shoppe.

But seriously who asked him?

Okay on to our regularly scheduled appointment with the Parker G-Dub. I have cognitive therapy right down the street. I work on my brain then I go reward myself with a little look-see.

Goodwill Juicy-ness..... hoody ($3.99)
Goodwill Juicy Capris ($3.99)

I shoved all of the Juicy Deliciousness into a box for my niece! I had to call and tell her about the jeans because I couldn't wait for her to see them!!!!!

That was a fun vacation. More Pix tomorrow!

southern hospitality
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  1. i wish i was your neice (and could fit into stuff that small!)! great thrifting job!

  2. Wow! You got some amazing deals!!! Love the ski sweater too.

  3. Those are really good finds, juicy is one of my fav too..

  4. Hi, Dee, what fun, getting clothes so cheap. I know, I love it too! Thanks for joining the party, I don't remember meeting you before, so glad you stopped by. You're really cute too!

  5. Hello nice to meet a new thrifting friend out here. I think it is awesome you started a blog for your Mom to read, she must be filled with joy! I love your really scored. Thanks or joining my party, I would love for you to add my link too, so that word gets out about my party too:) Debbie

  6. Dee,
    It's so good to have you at my PARTY with all your NIFTY THRIFTY finds...Lily is one of my favorites...lucky you! Please don't forget to link back to the party so all your friends can join in too:)


  7. Hi Dee, I am happy to know I am not the only one who does a happy dance when I find a great clothing find in a thrift store. I love your pics and your terrific found items. You are so cute and happy!!!
    Hugs, Jeanne

  8. Awesome finds! We have very similar tastes--

  9. Nice finds!

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