Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Why having brain damage is fun and economical!

You know me I like to look on the bright side!! I noticed a funny little thing lately, (besides losing the ability to tell time). I like to "save" magazines and read them on the treadmill. It tricks me into getting on that thing so I can catch up on all of my favorites. Oh, and I have to drink water from a clear cup with a lid and straw. It seems so "look I'm drinking a fun beverage from Starbucks!" when really it is just water. Anywayyyyy...... I realized that I can look at the same magazine over and over because I have no memory of looking at it in the first place! Seriously......I get to look it over 10 times!! (no, I wish I was on the treadmill that many times..) See! There are things that are amusing about a little conk on the head! (how do you spell conk? konk? conck?, you know what I mean.)



  1. You know I have never had a bump on the head, but I save all of my decorating magazines and read them over and over. Occasionally a story or a picture will look familiar, I think there is so much eye candy in some of them that you can't possibly take it all in in one read......Now the time thing, i think you had a bump on the head, it's so great that you have such a great attitude, that certainly helps!


  2. Dee, I just found your blog thru mine today. First let me say thank you for your sweet comment! I have to tell you that your very positive attitude is awesome and inspiring! I'm your newest follower. ;-)