Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Vay-Kay Pix

No I didn't take this picture, but we stayed at the historic Hotel Colorado, it was built in 1893. It is haunted by a little girl, but we didn't see her during our stay. Thank goodness for that because I would have been sleeping in the car.
I don't like ghosts.
The Glenwood Springs Pool in the background. Guess what? You can smell the hot springs when you pull into town. It is a natural sulfur springs so it smells a little bit like rotten eggs. You get used to it pretty quickly, but I wondered if we were stinky too? I couldn't tell since we were used to it!The spa behind us was built in 1893, it is amazing.
The architecture is so beautiful.
(Me and my high school freshman. What? High School?)
What up with my weird jacket pulling situation? We had a GREAT time! I would love to take Amtrak next time, I hear it is a beautiful ride. We had a lovely back to school last chance blast!


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  1. Amtrak sounds like fun... Maybe when I retire? Looks like a beautiful spot for a get-a-way.