Monday, March 1, 2010

Why my husband is reponsible for me being in Menopause

Okay so for about three weeks in a row I was waking up Drenched in Sweat! Not spritzed or glowing, but wring your pajama shirt out, hair dripping SWEAT! I swear I thought that I was going to spontainously combust! (Did you watch That's Incredible! in the '70's? Then you would know what I'm talking about.)

I just couldn't believe it! I'm in my early 40's, I just had my hormones checked and they said everything was fine, dang! I don't want to be an old lady!

Sure enough the other night, I wake up in the seventh level of Hell, heart pounding, sweating, all twisted up in the covers, and I notice a little glow under one of the pillows.

We have dual controls on the heated mattress cover......(are you following this)...and my side was cranked up to HIGH! What the What?! I turned that thing off!!...Turns out, in the crazy, jacked up, all over the bed routine my husband calls sleep, he had been sleeping on the control for the past three weeks and turning my side up to HIGH when everyone knows I turn into an oven in my sleep.

Menopause solved.

The end.


  1. ha ha ha! we have that same cover on our bed my my kids love to turn on my husbands side and leave it on! then he comes to bed and gets all mad that he is in a warm bed! i think it is funny because 1. it isnt me and 2. i like a warm bed!
    glad you arent in menopause! yet...

  2. roflol!!!! Thanks for giving me a giggle!