Friday, March 26, 2010

Lovely Shower...

I had the opportunity to throw a baby shower for two baseball coaches wives who are both due a week apart! I love a baby shower!

Pu22y Willows from my neighbors yard...

Remember this typing table from the Gee-Dub? It looks so cute here. I didn't do a thing to it! This is the original industrial green color.

Liberty of Londen Watering Can (Target)

The Spread

Cream for your coffee?

I love metal scoops!
Doing the flowers is my favorite part of throwing a party... I'm not kidding!

Oh by the way.....No I didn't take any pictures of the actual Moms-to-be...was that important? I hope no one asks me for one! Ooops!



  1. Love it! I love to throw a party and these are some GREAT ideas!

  2. Is that a slip cover over your black sofa?
    So pretty...Looks like spring in your house..