Monday, March 22, 2010

Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution

Did you happen to watch Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution on ABC last night? Dang those were some mean lunch ladies! Come to think of it have you ever met a nice one? I felt sorry for Jamie......I think he felt pretty sorry for himself for that matter.
The lunch ladies thought that Jamie was picking on America, or West Virginia to be more specific, but if you have ever watched "You Are What You Eat" on the BBC America, you would see that the format is very similar for British families who are feeding their own kids junk.
Jamie's website explains that: "Jamie's Food Revolution is all about replacing junk, snacks and processed food with freshly cooked nutritious meals – in schools and at home." That is sad that we have to call common sense a revolution, but it's true.
I've packed my kids lunches for the past few years. When I was a teacher in the elementary school you cringed if you ever forgot to bring your own lunch. I would rather go hungry than eat from the cafeteria! First of all they always smell disgusting! The lunch ladies are rushing you and grouchy, the food questionable to say the least, and warm milk makes me want to hurl.
Our elementary school like most, if not all, scheduled recess AFTER lunch. So boy #1 would buy lunch, throw it away and go play basketball. Then he came home with a migraine twice a week because he would rather play than eat.
I'm not sure what the solution is, but we need to do something!!
(Mom you can quit reading here if you would like) I sat in on a Senate hearing about two years ago for an unrelated bill. The first bill to be presented was taking soda vending machines out of schools, and the republicans shot down the bill due to "government over-involvement". WHAT? I have a feeling that if you asked each of the people who voted against the bill if they believed that kids should be able to drink sodas with lunch I would like to believe that they would say NO. Their public reply is that parents should govern their children NOT the government. Good point.....have you seen the average parent? Looks to me like they've had a soda or two.
Ignorance of the law is not a legal defense. It shouldn't be in the home or schools either. Just because a parent is ignorant of healthy food choices does that make it okay? No it doesn't. Sometimes people need a little guidence. (or alot)
Sign Jamie's Petition for a healthy change!
Okay mom you can start reading again. I'm done with political speeches.



  1. Well said! I guess the days are gone when a cokes were for just for picnics.

  2. so much to say! First, i love all your posts about sneaking in healthy food - you are so ahead of the game! Second, the beginning of your post reminded me of Michael Pollan's quote "Eat Food. Mostly Plants. Not too Much"

    Then the political thing, I as an adult have enough trouble keeping myself in check. I would love for our government to FORCE me to be healthy. The soda machines need to come out of schools. Yes the parents should have the choice, but guess what the choice should be made in what they are sent with. If you want your kid to have soda, then send them with one (and let's see how many kids show up with a can). Bad habits should be an active decision, not a passive one. I think we all know that the passive eating of junk food is what gets us all in trouble.

  3. You go girl! Preach it!

    Gotta run!

    I'm so thirsty!

    I need a Coke! LOL!