Monday, November 8, 2010

Simple Math

We had our neighbor watch our sheepdog for a few days while we were on vacation. When we returned home I thought it would be lovely to bring over some Hawiian chocolates and some home made dog cookies from my oven. Wouldn't it be a fine gesture to bring my lovable dog with me to say Thank You? Yes it would. Now The Mighty Casey requires a special leash so she can't pull your arm off. But surely she can behave on a regular leash for one whole block right? Wrong.
I put on my cutest clogs to bring my thank you treats and off we went. Casey started to pull a little but I just made her sit and wait every time she tried. Because I'm a good dog owner that's why.....sooooo Casey sat nicely on the front step as I rang the bell.
As the nice gentleman opened the door Casey sprinted into their house flying me and my cute clogs behind her. I heard this very strange noise and I realized it was me screaming and clogging the hardwood floors running a hundred miles an hour behind her. Next time I will consider letting go of the leash. So there I was all sweaty and red faced and discombobulated right in the middle of their nice and quiet home. I'm pretty sure we are going to have to find new dog sitters.
The End


  1. Ah yes! I know this scenario well! We too have a pooch that 'shows us up' on a regular basis. I always seem to be red faced and apologetic!

  2. Very good description... I can totally see that reel by reel. :) At least it was a bit better than the alternative I had deduced by the picture. I thought Casey had ate the Hawaiian chocolate and your clogs... resulting into a stinky explosion. I think your version is much better! lol