Monday, November 29, 2010

Not Again!!

I came home from Cali (I hate it when people call it that) with a nasty cold. It came packaged with a sore throat, but after my son's ordeal I will never say that I have the worst sore throat ever because I saw what that looked like up close and personal. I just have a tiny sore throat.
Sooooo last night...

I was dreaming that I was chatting it up with Rachel Ray at her restaurant in NYC and I was telling her all about my Goodwill skills and what not. But every time I tried to take a deep breath this crazy noise would come out of my mouth...then I woke up realizing that the crazy noise was me snoring.
Which is weird because I am such a dainty little thing........


1 comment:

  1. The lady on the couch is a little dramatic, it made me laugh! How is your son? I am traveling next week and I am going to try not to breath so I can come home healthy!