Wednesday, November 17, 2010

WIWW-The hospital edition

Well the week started out good...

This is my "Goodwill Outfit". I blog for Thrifting Denver which is the local Goodwill blog. I like to dress in my best Goodwill finds to show that I mean business!

Jacket Nanette Lepore (you read that right) Goodwill $4.99
White Shirt -GDub

Tweed Cropped Pants Jason brand? Goodwill

Boots-Steve Madden (mine)

NY&Co Shirt and Sweater

Target jeans and boots

Sweater (no tags) Goodwill
Black riding pants Ann Taylor

Plaid Lined Boots Target

*This is when we thought it was strep....before all hell broke lose.

Ok so this is the outfit that I wore for the rest of the week in the hospital with my older son. He was mis-diagnosed with strep, had an allergic reaction to the medication that made his throat swell closed. He was on IV fluids, for two days and now he can't eat solid foods for 2 weeks. (yes that includes Thanksgiving!) Seeing the pictures of the inside of his esophagus made me cry in the hospital, I feel so sorry for him! Yikes it has ben a loooooongggg week.

He is home now and slowly eating clear broth and melted ice cream.... the boy lives for food.... not good.



  1. I'm so sorry about your son! That is so scary! I hope he gets better everyday.
    Loved your cute sweaters and boots. :)

  2. Oh man!!! I hate that for your son! On a positive looked great!!!!!!! :) Your smile, I am sure, was enough to keep his spirits up!

    Hope he recovers quickly! And no one says you can only have Thanksgiving dinner ON Thanksgiving!!!


  3. Oh honey I hope your son feels better again soon, no fun missing all that yummy holiday food. You look amazing as always. Hope this week is a better one for you all. ax

  4. Thanks for your nice comments at Yellow Blackbird. I have been thinking about doing a post on tips on how to wear belts. Check back for that if you are interested.

    You have super cute clothes!

    Good luck to your son!

  5. i LOVE your grey boots/cardi combo!! so so so cute!

  6. You seriously have me convinced that I need to spend more time at Goodwill. You look great!

    ~Blessings to you and your son. Hope he feels better soon!

  7. I was going to comment about your outfits which are all so well put together}, but then I read the part about your son. So sorry he's going through this, and at this time of year! My baby had pneumonia this time last year and was in the hospital until the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. I wore the same clothes for 4 days and I'm not ashamed to admit it.

    Hope he recuperates quickly :-)

  8. Sorry about your son. Hope he is feeling better soon.

    Love all your outfits!!! My Goodwill never has anything that cute!!!

  9. Oh Dee.. so glad you were proactive and his advocate. What a bummer for all of you. Rent some movies and make some yummy smoothies with protein for him. happy Thanksgiving!

  10. so sorry about you son--how scary :( LOVE your outfits--especially the gray cardi with jeans and boots!

  11. Aww! Poor Sweet P! I hope he feels better soon! xoxo

  12. Sorry about your son. I am glad you have him home. Maybe you can have Thanksgiving when he is feeling better. You looked great.

  13. Oh yikes, poor poor kiddo! Good thing you looked so cute in that hospital outfit ;) I love that you rind so many incredible things at "GDub" I'm sadly at a loss in our local one, perhaps I need to switch it up a bit? And I am so envious of your fire place, it looks so nice this time o' year!

  14. Oh, that is just awful! But, for sure you looked great on day one of the hospital stay, right? I've had my fair share of hospital stays, and I've heard some great stories from the nurses about what they've seen other parents wear. (Lingerie included, I am absolutely NOT kidding.) I hope your son soon feels better.

  15. Call Peter at Ice Cream Alchemy in Boulder and find out the closest place to get his ice cream, and sorbet, and gelato! Betsy, the daughter saw him yesterday at the Vail Food Show and tasted his new Caramel Corn flavor. She says it is the best in the world. My favorite of his is Sea Salt Caramel. Tell him if he doesn't complain for the two weeks, you will let him get a tattoo that says "Allergic to ......." No kidding, he should probably wear a MediAlert bracelet. Hanging around hospitals is the pits. You get worried and it is so darn uncomfortable. I hope both of you are feeling better. I heard Beaver Creek got 18 inches last night.!! Ann

  16. Oh no, your poor son! I hope that he continues to feel better. I cannot imagine how you felt! You're outfits look adorable thought! I really love the outside picture in front of the snow covered tree. I'd die if we had snow already! haha

  17. Sorry to hear about your son! What an ordeal! Your outfits are adorable I only just linked up this morning as I have been so busy with my new job and only had 1 look for the week. I see I need to get to the Goodwill to get some boots! They probably won't have my size (9.5) but I look forward to checking it out with you when we meet up on the 11th! :)