Monday, November 22, 2010

I will volunteer!!

A quick shout out to that will teach you
how to draw this trucker lady.
For all 'yall getting all worked up over the TSA seeing nakey-nakey images of you...I say strike a pose! Seriously, I haven't been posing in the mirror since I was three for nothing. Do you honestly think that those fine ladies and gentlemen enjoy the job of looking at truly mediocre (I mean that in the nicest way) bodies all day long? No they don't. Have you been to an airport lately? Look around.....I stand a pretty good chance of winning the top 35 percent least offensive, over 40, nekkid body of my flight at least. Bring it.

The pat down? As long as you don't mention that muffin top that I've been working on at Zumba 6 days a week pat away. Now on the way home from Thanksgiving I might be a little smuudgier....that's all right....It will give them something to talk about in the TSA break room. "Hey, it looks like Dee overdid that San Francisco Sourdough bread." Oh yes she did.

Yes you have civil liberties......and so do I.....please stop complaining and jump on in there and work it sister! And if you plan to make a fuss please do it in another line..I am travelling with two grouchy teenagers and I am trying to make this as pleasant as possible. You know even in pain and hunger the older one will flex it a little. (we're related)
The End.


  1. Hey Dee! Saw the lovely comment you left on my blog and had to stop by and see what you are up to --glad I did! Y'all got some crazy fun thrifting adventures and fun in Colorado!

    And I'm with you on the TSA front --bring it!

  2. Haha this post is so funny! My hubby and I are from Colorado! We are getting ready to fly to CO and then to AK in a couple weeks. Not looking forward to travelling through TSA especially with my toddler, but I dont really see what the big deal about the scanner is. Not my first choice but if it keeps me safe Im ok. I actually poked a little fun at it during my toddlers airplane themed bday party. There are pictures of it on my blog if you want to see...