Monday, November 15, 2010

Nurse Ratched

I would like to tell you that my housekeeper didn't come one day with a similar piece of fabric tied around his head in the above fashion, but I would be lying. True story....

My older son has a naaaasty case of strep. And since he is 16 this is how the process went.
Day One
Son: My Adam's Apple hurts.
Me: Your Adam's Apple?
S: Yeah
M: Should we go to the doctor?
S: No!
M: Okaaay.

Day Two (Saturday)
S: There is a rock in my throat.
M: A rock? What does it feel like?
S: You know like when I swallow it has to go around a rock.
M: We can go to the doctor, but we have to leave right now!! (Thank goodness for Saturday hours!!)

MAJOR INFECTION! Tonsils...some mention of pills.......can't keep anything down........
ER visit.......many trips to the pharmacy for liquid meds.........

Did I mention that he thinks he's well enough to pick up his girlfriend for school? I may have mentioned that said girlfriend can catch the bus. That is why I'm Nurse Ratched.

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